The laboratory candle factory can be described as holistic because they take a comprehensive approach to our product development and production processes. We consider various factors such as materials, manufacturing methods, environmental impact, safety, quality and customer satisfaction.

In terms of materials, the laboratory candle factory may use natural and eco-friendly ingredients to ensure the candles are free from harmful chemicals and promote sustainability. They may also consider the sourcing of their materials to ensure ethical practices and reduce their ecological footprint.

In terms of manufacturing methods, the laboratory candle factory may implement efficient processes to minimize waste and pollution. They may prioritize energy-saving techniques and proper waste management systems to reduce their environmental impact.

Safety is also a key aspect of their holistic approach. The laboratory candle factory may conduct thorough testing and quality control measures to ensure their candles meet safety standards and do not pose harm to consumers.

Lastly, customer satisfaction is a priority for the laboratory candle factory. They consider customer needs and preferences in terms of fragrance, design, and overall experience. By addressing these aspects along with the environmental and health considerations, the laboratory candle factory creates holistic products that provide a positive experience for consumers.

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When people think of holistic, they think of natural, organic, and no preservative; they are right to a point. Yet, technically holistic means, "whole" no artificial ingredients that are high processed. We want to ensure that you have the quality micro compounds in your daily routine; by improving your vessel. The only way to master the world is to master self; know who you are.

To increase the main aspects of your personal growth, you would have to expand your physical, spiritual, energy, emotional, social, faith, and intellectual property. These seven divine attributes bring your connections to the natural world.

Understand, the chemicals that are in the brands we all know are highly dense which can cause an enormous amount of health issues. Think about it, those products sit on the shelf for months or years, unstabilizing the chemicals the can peroxidase; making it unhealthy and environmentally unsafe. 

We want to provide you with the best alternative products.

As time goes on, we will be adding more natural products with less to no additives for those with moderate to exstream sensitive skin.

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Using the scientific method to create the best experience!

We currently offer 10+ top-selling scents available in 6+ jar styles as well as testing reed diffusers and are constantly creating and testing new aromas for our clients.


Crystals & Stones

THE LABORATORY CANDLE FACTORY'S collection of crystals and stones are hand picked... 

High Quality Soy Candles

Our hand-poured, soy wax candles featured cotton wicks and high quality nautural oils. These clean burning candles have a true burn time of 80 hours with our 17.75 oz. jar.

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Cozy Nights

Endulge the night with our perfect candle to have next to you as you rest from a long day. This candle explodes with calming aroma to bring your nights peace.


    • We are passionnant about bringing happiness to your home through your olfactory senses.
    • We are satisfied with the quality of each and every product.
    • We are ingrained with community supporting non-profit organizations that empowers the community for the underprivileged youths.
    • We do not replicate our competitors; we are our own company that loves to create our own name and design.

  • Experience Excellence

    We take our time in choosing the right formula scents for our clients. We want you to discover a magic that flows through candle lighting.

  • Customer Review

    "I purchased the "Peppermint" Natural Deodorant; I loved how it smoothly applied on. The peppermint smell was not overpowering, it was a delightful smell. I will purchase more products."

    Adam Collins of FostherKids Famly Inc.

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