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Candle - Density

Candle - Density

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Introducing our Beach Candle, a captivating blend of ocean breeze, warm sand, and tropical vibes that will transport you straight to your favorite seaside destination.

Close your eyes and imagine the sound of crashing waves, the feel of soft sand between your toes, and the refreshing scent of saltwater in the air. Our Beach Candle captures the essence of a beach getaway, bringing the coastal experience right into your home.

Crafted with care, our Beach Candle is made from premium soy wax and infused with a medley of natural essential oils. The harmonious combination of sea salt, coconut, and sun-kissed citrus creates a fragrance that embodies the spirit of summer and relaxation.

Each candle is hand-poured into a beautiful jar, exuding coastal charm and elegance. The gentle flickering flame complements any decor, whether it's a beach-inspired theme or a modern minimalist style.

Light this candle when you crave a moment of escape and rejuvenation. Let the enticing aroma instantly transport you to a tranquil beachside oasis, where worries are swept away by the gentle sea breeze. Whether you want to unwind after a long day, set the mood for a cozy gathering, or simply evoke feelings of serenity, our Beach Candle is the perfect companion.

Transform your space into a serene coastal retreat with our Beach Candle. Embrace the soothing ambiance, reminisce about cherished beach memories, and bring a touch of paradise into your everyday life.

Candle details:

  • Size: Volume 10.1oz | 286g Net Weight | 3.44 X 3.3
  • Burn Time: 50+ Hours
  • Color: White
  • Material: Glass Jar
  • Wick: Two 100% Cotton (Lead and Zinc Free) 
  • Wax:  Soy Wax
  • Premium Fragrance Oil
  • Phthalate Free, Non-Toxic, Cruelty Free

Candle Care: 

  • Always Trim Your Wick to 1/4" Before Candle is Lit Each Time to Avoid Any Soot
  • Burn Candle so Wax Pool Reaches the Jar Edge Each Time to Prevent Wax Tunneling
  • Burn Candle No More Than 4 Hours at a Time and Do Not Burn Candle with Less Than a 1/2" of Wax Remaining
  • Keep Candle Away from Fans, Open Windows, Hot Surfaces, Children, Pets
  • Never Leave a Burning Candle Unattended

Natural Elements

Tourmaline is a trigonal crystalline complex boron silicate mineral composed of aluminum, iron, magnesium, lithium, and potassiumwith chemical formula (Ca,K,Na)(Al,Fe,Li,Mg,Mn)3(Al,Cr,Fe,V)6(BO3)3(Si,Al,B)6O18(OH,F), and formed during the pneumatolytic process of igneous rock formation.

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