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5 Piece Bundle - sage and palo sticks

5 Piece Bundle - sage and palo sticks

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Introducing our Five Piece Sage and Palo Stick Bundle - the perfect addition to elevate your spiritual practices and cleanse your space from The Lab.

This bundle combines the harmonizing properties of sage and palo santo, renowned for their natural purifying abilities. Each bundle includes five carefully selected sage sticks and palo santo sticks, handcrafted with utmost care and respect for the Earth.

Sage has long been used by indigenous cultures for its cleansing properties, believed to remove negative energy, promote positivity, and restore balance within oneself and the environment. Our sage sticks are sustainably harvested and dried, preserving their potent aromatic fragrance and effectiveness.

Palo santo, known as "holy wood," originates from South America and has been traditionally used for centuries in rituals to clear negative energy and bring about a sense of calm and tranquility. Our palo santo sticks are sourced responsibly, ensuring an ethical and eco-friendly choice.

When used together, sage and palo santo complement each other's energies, creating a harmonious blend that purifies, uplifts, and protects your space. Whether you're starting a new chapter, seeking clarity, or simply desiring a serene atmosphere, our Five Piece Sage and Palo Stick Bundle is the perfect companion.

To use, simply light the sage or palo santo stick, allowing the flame to catch and then gently blow it out. Let the smoke billow and move through your space, focusing on areas that require cleansing or areas where positive energy is desired. Use a heat-resistant dish or abalone shell to catch any ashes.

Embrace the power of nature and create sacred moments of purification with our Five Piece Sage and Palo Stick Bundle. Elevate your spiritual journey and invite peace, clarity, and positive energy into your life.

Order now and experience the transformative properties of sage and palo santo today.

Size: 4' sage and palo 3'
Flowers: Will Vary

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